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Village of Fontana To Have Market Revaluation

The Village of Fontana has announced it will do a market revaluation in 2021. This is the first time they have done this since 2014. In a brochure posted to Facebook, the village says that the Revaluation is being conducted to bring all property rates in the village to their market value. The village also says that since 2014, the market value has changed and the assessed values are no longer indicative of the current market value. Residents will have the chance to assess at the Open Book. Those assessments will be available on May 21 from 12-2 in person, and on the phone on May 21 from 9-4 and May 22 from 9-12. The Board of Review will also meet on June 24 from 1-3. For more information, the entire brochure is available on the Village of Fontana FB page.

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