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Two Escaped Inmates Caught At Local Non Profit

Two inmates who escaped from a prison in Portage last week were caught in rockford at a local non profit. James Newman and Thomas Deering who had been charged with several felonies including burglary, kidnapping and sexual assault escaped from the Columbia correctional facility last Thursday and made there way south to Illinois. Newman and Deering were seen jumping over the prison fence early Thursday morning, they believe a car picked them up at a nearby Piggly Wiggly before getting on the highway.The two men entered Miss Carlys on Friday morning wearing thermals, sweats and they had blankets stuffed under their clothes after spending the night out in the cold. Carly Rice recognized the men from their photos and the crimes they committed, she stepped away and called the police and they were able to arrest the two men without further incident. Detectives also arrested Holly Zimbdahl, a civilian kitchen worker in connection with the escape.

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