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Town of Delavan Supervisor Race Heats Up In Final Days

Some apparent tension between candidates has heightened the Town of Delavan supervisor race. According to the Delavan Enterprise, Katherine Gaulke filed a complaint against the three other candidates last week. Gaulke is running for one of two positions alongside Mary Kniper, Larry Malsch and write-in candidate Dixie Bernsteen. Gaulke says that Bernsteen posted campaign signs in locations that do not acknowledge approval or paid for by, which is required by election law. Gaulke reportedly submitted photographs and said she informed Bernsteen of the violation, but more signs appeared, but with new stickers added. Gaulke says these still do not satisfy the requirements. Bernsteen currently serves as the Town Clerk. Gaulke also says Bernsteen sent an email saying Gaulke had messed up finances. Gaulke calls this false information. Gaulke also says the other two candidates, Knipper and malsch, also sent out mail cards without disclaimers on them.