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Town of Delavan Man Sentenced in Arsons

A Town of Delavan man was sentenced to prison Friday on a charge of Arson according to court records. Daniel Zitella was charged with arsons in December of 2016 and august and december of 2018 for setting fires at town of Delavan homes, a lawnmower and a jet ski. In December of 2018 while he was released on bond he was charged again for setting fire to a shed next to his own home on Christmas morning. Zitella’s competency was raised as an issue for the defense, he even plead guilty by reason of mental disease or defect but changed that plea to guilty to one count of arson and felony bail jumping, the other charges were read into the record and dismissed. Zitella’s lack of criminal history and serious cognitive issues were some of the reasons the judge did not give a long prison sentence. Zitella was given 6 months in prison after spending over a year in Walworth County prison and 10 years of probation, Zitella will be eligible for work release during his 6 month prison sentence.

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