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Town of Beloit Officer Among Two Injured In Accident

Two people were taken to the hospital after an accident involving a Town of Beloit police car. Multiple sources report that a police officer and a civilian were hospitalized after the crash that happened early on Saturday morning. The Town of Beloit police responded to a traffic stop around 12:30 AM, facing north on the 3100 block of Riverside Drive. While that was going on, the City of Beloit was attempting an unrelated traffic stop that turned into a pursuit in the direction of Riverside Drive and Bayliss Avenue. While the Town was doing their traffic stop, the officer noticed the speeding car coming from the other direction, and that vehicle struck the side of the Town squad car and proceeded to roll over. It landed near Riverside Drive and Azalea Terrace. The officer was treated for minor injuries but will not be cleared to return to work for a few weeks. The driver of the other vehicle’s condition was not known.