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The Number of positive cases of Covid 19 went up to 2,681 on Tuesday

The Number of positive cases of Covid 19 went up to 2,681 on Tuesday according to the DHS, 745 of those positive cases required hospitalization which is about 30% with 28,512 negative cases and 7 more deaths reported bringing the total up to 95. Milwaukee County reporter 1,387 positive cases and 51 total deaths. Dane county added 14 positive cases bringing the total up to 303 with 11 total deaths reported. Walworth County went up to 21, Jefferson County reported 15 positive cases with both counties still reporting no deaths. Rock County reporting 37 positive cases with two total deaths and Waukesha County reporting 166 cases and 5 deaths. After long lines at the polls on Tuesday Wisconsin voters will have to wait a full week before the results of the election are announced. A federal judge last week extended absentee voting to April 13 which was then overturned by the US Supreme Court but they did not overturn the part of the lower court ruling that said results cannot be posted until April 13. The number of votes was counted on election night but the vote total will not be announced until April 13th.

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