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The Catholic Diocese of Madison is reinstating Rev William Nolan

The Catholic Diocese of Madison is reinstating Rev William Nolan after deeming that allegations of sexual misconduct against him two years ago were not credible. Father Nolan served at St Joseph Catholic Church in Fort Atkinson from 2002-07 and will be reinstated to his previous status as a retired priest of the Diocese of Madison in good standing. Nolan was accused of molesting a middle school altar boy while he served in 2007 and after a week long trial a jury acquitted the priest of five charges of sexual assault of a child under 16. Another allegation was made and investigated in 2015 and then re investigated in 2018 involving an incident in Janesville but police found no basis to further investigate and no charges were filed. The church’s investigation came after the court case in Jefferson and the materials were presented to the Diocesan Sexual Abuse Review board on Jan 7th and Feb 18th, the board is made up of five experts from the judicial, psychological and law enforcement fields. The board found no credible bias for either of the allegations, Nolan has decided not to undertake any public ministry in a parish setting.

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