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Suspected Shoplifter Set Accusers Car on Fire

A Suspected shoplifter of a Walmart in Lake Geneva also set fire to a car belonging to the person who reported him according to reports. Jeremy Saaverdra allegedly walked out of the Walmart without paying for a shopping cart full of merchandise. An employee called the police and helped identify the suspect using security camera footage. The witness told police that Saaverdra spotted him while driving out of the parking lot, slowed down and pointed at him. Two days later the employee's car was found on fire in the parking lot with security cam footage showing Saaverdra walking to the employees car with a red gas can. He is charged with Arson and intimidation of a witness which are both felonies, he’s also charged with damage or threat to a witness property, misdemeanor theft, disorderly conduct and two counts of misdemeanor bail jumping. If convicted on all charges he could face a combined 19 years and six months in prison. Saaverdra remains in custody in Walworth County Jail with A preliminary hearing is set for April 7th.

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