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Suspect Identified In Hoax Call Leading to Tactical Response

The suspect who made a hoax call that led local law enforcement agencies to conduct a tactical response on a woman’s home has been identified by South Beloit Police. Andrew Brown of California was named as a suspect following a six month investigation that included multiple subpoenas and warrants being served in conjunction with Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s. On the night of aug 13 six local law enforcement agencies conducted a tactical response to a call from a 16 year old who said they’d been in a fight with their mother and fatally shot her. The caller also said he was going to kill his father and gave a false address. Swatting is the term applied when a person makes a false report to get law enforcement to respond to a home, most incidents involve people playing video games online and the disputes that follow. It's the first incident of swatting local law enforcement has seen in over 15 years. It’s unclear if Brown has been arrested by Santa Barbara authorities and online jail records say he’s not in custody. No one was injured in the incident

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