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Sex Offender Relocating to Janesville

A Sex offender will relocate to the Janesville area. Janesville Police have announced that 37-year-old Derek Tabbert will be released from prison and will relocate to a residence in Janesville. Tabbert was convicted in 2001 of Fourth Degree sexual Assault, in 2002 for Sexual assault of a child AND Second degree sexual assault of a child. Tabbert will live under conditions which include no unapproved activities in the community without prior approval of the DCC Supervising Agent; No contact with minors; No patronizing taverns, bars or liquor stores; No contact with victims; Not to consume alcohol or drugs; Comply with standard sex offender rules; and Cooperate with GPS monitoring.The reason for notifying the public is not to increase fear but rather to keep the public informed. Call 608-758-6075 or visit the Sex Offender Registry for more information.

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