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Rock, Jefferson and Walworth Receive Money For Transportation projects

Rock County will receive 2.58 million dollars, Walworth county 1.55 million dollars and Jefferson County 2.45 million dollars in one time state funding to help pay for local transportation projects. 1,496 applications seeking 1.47 billion were sent in to the state Department of Transportation nearly 20 times the amount available. The amounts for the counties were fractions compared to what they asked for with Rock County asking for 22.8 million and Walworth asking for 28.7. Projects in Rock and Walworth counties include Harmony townline road, the Creek road 1 project, Park Ave in Beloit, 1 million to fix county A, in Jefferson County $1 million to the county to repave County Highway between Whitewater and Jefferson, rebuild Crossman Road and to the Town of Palmyra to rebuild Little Prairie Road. Most grant applications wanted funding for road projects although projects for railroad, harbor, transit equipment and pedestrian and bicycle paths were considered. More than 1400 local projects were left without funding.

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