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Rock County Board of Supervisors Accepts Three Grants

Last night at the Rock County Board of Supervisors meeting, they accepted three different grants that they were awarded. These include the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Rock County 2022-2023 Snowmobile Trail Maintenance Grant, Rock County SIMCOM 2020 (2022) Exercise Grant, and the SAFER Communities Law Enforcement Grant.

The Snowmobile Trail Maintenance Grant is in the amount of $66,540, and the project will span over 221.8 miles of trail. The Rock County Parks Manager will subcontract this work to the Rock County Alliance of Snowmobile Clubs and the Edgerton Sundowners, and they will provide most of the actual labor and machinery to do this work.

For the SIMCOM grant, in 2020, Wisconsin Emergency Management received the grant to conduct a collaborative, live-play, statewide communications exercise between state and local stakeholders to test interoperability in a disaster. Lake Delton was selected as the primary site and Rock County was chosen as a remote site for the exercise. Lake Delton received the initial SIMCOM 2020 grant through Wisconsin Emergency Management, as a pass through from FEMA.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SIMCOM 2020 was postponed until 2021. In 2021, Lake

Delton was again the grant holder. Unfortunately, due to ongoing concerns of the pandemic and close contact between participants, the exercise was canceled. Lake Delton lost the grant.

For Wisconsin to continue SIMCOM and secure the 2020 SIMCOM grant, FEMA required

a new location as the primary site, which would be the holder of the SIMCOM grant. Rock

County was selected for this opportunity.

SIMCOM is scheduled for October 12 – 14, 2022 in Rock County. The schedule follows:

Day 1: SIMCOM Training Day – 100 attendees expected

Day 2: Exercise Day – 150 attendees expected

Day 3: Debrief – 100 attendees possible

The grant award of $9,725 will cover lunch and rehab for day 2 and day 3, as well as

reservation and rental costs. These costs qualify per the Notice of Funding Opportunity.

The SAFER Communities Law Enforcement grant, offered by the Wisconsin Department of Administration, is in the amount of $107,615. The grant funding covers completed transactions during the period of March 15, 2022 through June 30, 2023. The first reporting period ends September 30, 2022. The Sheriff’s Office is required to make the purchases, and upon submission to and approval by the DOA, reimbursement will be made. There is no matching requirement for this grant funding.

Due to the generous amount of funding, the Sheriff’s Office has not currently determined the exact use of these funds, as there are ARPA rules regarding eligible expenses. A departmental needs assessment will be completed based on those restrictions. Acceptance of this funding and the determination of the purchases will be guided by the current budget, and the need to avoid supplanting the department’s current and pending 2023 budgets.

To watch the full Rock County Board of Supervisors meeting, visit

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