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Prominent Businessman Richard Driehaus Passes Away At 78

A prominent businessman with an effect on the Lake Geneva community has died. The LGRN reports that Richard Driehaus passed away at the age of 78 on Tuesday. Driehaus is known for his philanthropy. He also is known for the fountain that he donated, located in the front of the Riviera. He was also known for throwing large, elaborate birthday parties at his estate, located between Lake Geneva and Williams Bay. More importantly, he reportedly gave nonprofits the opportunity to host fundraisers at his estate, and was considered by many to be “the nicest guy in Lake Geneva”, with thousands of dollars worth of donations to various organizations. Driehaus also had a love for architecture, and received a lifetime achievement award from the AIA in 2015. His company, Driehaus Capital Management, had $13.2 billion in assets as of February 28. He is survived by three daughters.

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