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Project to Restore Turtle Creek Bank in Beloit Underway

According to an update from the City of Beloit, a project to restore the Turtle Creek bank in the greenway is starting this week and is expected to be completed by November 15. This project will restore some of the creek bank that has been heavily eroded, which is now hazardous to pedestrian traffic along the Turtle Creek Greenway Trails. In the past five years, the bank has eroded back nearly 15 feet in some areas, and will continue to erode until the bank is corrected. The bank will be cut back at an angle that is less susceptible to erosion, and then protected by a stone cover that will be covered by soil and prairie flowers. The end result will maintain the natural environment that visitors come to the creek to enjoy, while preventing future issues. During construction, some trails will be closed, and a temporary trail will be open to bypass the construction zone. The map below shows the construction zone and temporary trail. Anyone visiting the Turtle Creek Greenway is asked to not park next to the construction entrance, and avoid the construction zone. If you have questions about this project, contact Dennis Weiland, Project Engineer I, at 608-364-5737.

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