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Pay Raises Likely For Shared Ambulance Service Employees

At last night’s Darien Village Board Meeting, the Board reached an agreement to give its full-time paramedics and EMTs that were hired after the referendum passed, a raise. The raise would be $20 per hour for paramedics and $1 per hour for EMTs.

The village says since the Shared Ambulance Service that serves Darien, Sharon and Walworth launched in 2021, there has not been a missed call. The Village Board was extremely happy with how the service was working out with one Trustee, Cheryl Kaufenberg, saying “Its exciting to have something so positive for us after a long time”.

The current 3-year contract runs until 2023. The Village Attorney said he was under the assumption that four of the six municipalities in the agreement need to approve the raise, and it was determined that three other municipalities approved the raise prior to the Village.

Two other options were considered, a standard wage increase already included in the contract of 3% or an $18 per hour increase for paramedics and $.50 per hour for EMTs.

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