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Palmyra Village Board Approves New Public Works Trucks, Extends Contracts; Full Thread Below

During last night’s Palmyra Village Board Meeting, the board voted on a number of items. But first, the board heard from public works about a number of projects, including the completion of hydrant flushing. One of the hydrants malfunctioned and resulted in a water main break on Burr Oak Street, but public works said that it had been repaired. They also heard from the Palmyra Beautification Project on plans for plantings in downtown, and intend to work with students at the high school for a class project.

In terms of voting, after a presentation from John’s Disposal regarding extending their contract, the board voted to renew their contract for 2022, and was pitched and is considering weekly recycling as well, as that can be added at any time to their contract. The board also approved an application by the Lions Club for the lighted holiday parade on December 4, a bow hunting permit for a resident, passed a proclamation declaring September “Fair Housing Month” in Palmyra that was necessary for their CDBG grants, and approved an easement with WE Energies for a parcel on Garfield Street. This easement would see the light tower remain powered there while the construction project that is ongoing there continues.

One of the big presentations outside of John’s was from public works. The director of the department shared his presentation for a new dump truck and pickup truck with plows. The new dump truck would be brand new and would replace a 25-year-old truck with many mechanical issues. The director found a 2022 International-branded demo truck that is one of 12 built, and one of four remaining. It will be completed this month. He also stated that it would be more expensive to purchase and build from scratch a 2021 truck, and it wouldn’t be able to be delivered until December 2022 if they tried that. He also stated the new pickup would likely be a 4x4, which would be better for winter use. The existing pickup truck would remain and would primarily be used in the Summer. The new pickup would also have more room for employees to go to training events, and would have the ability to plow the high sidewalks around the village hall. The board unanimously approved the purchase of both vehicles after a brief discussion of the funds.

The board followed that up by approving a contract with Associated Appraisal regarding assessment services in the community. The new contract runs from 2023-2027. The board initially didn’t seem 100% ready to vote, but then unanimously approved it. The new appraisal contract would include a website for residents to go and get their home or property graded for $136/year.

After approving the list of bills, the council went into closed session.

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