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Milton Police Investigate Issue Yesterday Involving Sex Offender

According to an update from the City of Milton, an incident occurred yesterday where someone called and said a registered sex offender was taking pictures of a child outside of the middle school. The police investigated throughout the day and learned that the individual was convicted in 1997 of a sex offense in New Hampshire. All of his sentencing obligations were completed back then and he is not on probation, parole, or any other Department of Corrections supervision. However, he is required to register as a sex offender in Wisconsin for life. The police state that he has done that and is in compliance with the registry program, and that registration alone doesn't come with any restrictions to a registrant's movement or interactions. The police noted that the reason he was near schools was to pick up two children at two Milton schools, as he has done every day for months. The individual denied taking photos of a child, and he reported that he was being harassed. After police investigated, they discovered this was a years-long contentious relationship between him and the people reporting him. No criminal violations took place during the incident, and the investigation has been closed.

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