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Milton Common Council Approves Façade Grants for Parkview Drive Buildings

Last night at the Milton Common Council meeting, they approved commercial façade improvement grant applications for 223 and 233-237 Parkview Drive. This project includes full removal of all upper windows, wooden awning, and front façade (brown metal). This will expose the original siding from 1930. It is most likely wood sided, covered in a tin metal which was added years after it was built. (The tin is not original to the structure.) Additionally, new windows with a black exterior color will be installed and wrapped with black aluminum. The entire building will be resided with an engineered siding and painted an off-white color. Because this building consists of two separate parcel numbers, two applications have been submitted and is permissible via program rules. Both applications were approved. Funding for this project would be provided by Tax Incremental Financing District 10 in the amount not to exceed $10 thousand per application in accordance with the program guidelines. To watch the full Milton Common Council Meeting, visit

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