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Rockton Chemical Fire Updates

Updated: Jun 16

A full timeline of updates related to the fire at Chem Tool in Rockton is seen below (will be updated as more information becomes available):

Pictures from WSLD Team of the fire from near our studios

6/16 UPDATE 4: During a news conference Wednesday morning, the Rockton Fire Chief Kirk Wilson said despite conflicting reports that the evacuation order had been lifted, that that information is incorrect and the one mile evacuation order remains in place for now. Chief Wilson said that air quality was still being reviewed and he was not at liberty to lift the order. The fire suppression operations continue and residents are asked to not be alarmed if they see flare ups. In good news, no toxins have been discovered in the waterway or water systems.

6/16 UPDATE 3: Rockton Police have revealed a hotline is now available for those who need debris picked up from their yards. The contractor has been arranged by Chemtool's parent company to assist in removing debris from residential homes and businesses. That hotline is 877-552-8942.

6/16 UPDATE: Rockton Police said just after 6:30 AM Wednesday Morning that barricades were starting to come down, but that the evacuation order has not been lifted as of yet, pending further evaluation.