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Marcus Randle El Charged in for Janesville Double Murder

Marcus Randle El was charged in Rock County Court Friday for the double murder of 2 young women in Janesville. Several witnesses say Randle El sold drugs in Janesville and had threatened to murder Seairaha Winchester because he owed her money. Randle El had taken the Jeep the two women were in and ran out of gas in Hoffman estates Illinois, a tow truck driver picked him up and took him to a gas station where he was caught on security footage asking for help because he had no money. The Jeep was later found about 45 miles south and state troopers found blood and a shell casing in the car. Autopsy results showed that Winchester was shot in the chest and the back of the head, Mcadory had a gunshot wound that went through her hand and two shots to her jaw and one in her back. Several witnesses said Winchester was afraid for her life because he owed Randle El money, one said the debt was $320 dollars. Randle El was charged with armed carjacking, possession of a firearm by an outstate felon and two counts of First degree intentional homicide each charge carries a life sentence.

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