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Man Who Called in Phony Bomb Threat Pleads Guilty

The man who called in a phony bomb threat to the Waukesha county courthouse has plead guilty. Jeffrey Ferrick called in the anonymous tip around 9am Monday January 6th when he contacted a local tv station about the threat. The station then alerted the Waukesha county sheriff, then about 10 to 15 minutes later a second anonymous tip came into the Waukesha County communications center and gave similar information to the first call. Ferrick then warned police that there were five total bombs planted in the building set to go off at 9am, no bombs went off and none were found. The Sheriff’s office was able to release a photo of Ferrick after he was spotted at a local hospital that day, the second phone call was traced back to Waukesha memorial hospital. Ferrick plead guilty to two counts of felony bomb scare. Ferrick is scheduled for sentencing on September 14th.