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Linn Residents Vote To Restore Village Powers

A landslide vote has reinstated village powers to the town in Linn. The LGRN reports that the vote, which took place on January 4th, undid a resolution to eliminate the town’s ability to maintain a five person board and to manage land. After multiple meetings on the issue, more than 275 Linn residents participated virtual in a meeting on December 17th on the issue, more than 120 participated in person with many more virtually in Monday’s meeting. Without village powers, the town was no longer able to control zoning and land use, meaning that responsibility went to Walworth County. Additionally, Linn’s 5 supervisors would need to be dropped to 3 under the rule for no village powers. If the residents wish to remove village powers in the future, they would now have to surpass the 152 votes that were used to introduce them.

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