Lake Geneva Business Owners File Complaint About Plowing

After several businesses in Lake Geneva spoke out about the city’s plowing strategy, city leaders have responded. The Lake Geneva Regional News reports that several business owners complained that the city’s plowing effort hampered access to their businesses. A complaint was filed with the Lake Geneva Police Department regarding the issue. Plows were allegedly depositing snow on or near parking lots in the city, creating issues with, making it difficult for people to park their cars and access sidewalks. Concern about access for disabled individuals, as well as emergency vehicles was also brought up. Public Works says the reason for the city’s plowing method is due to limited space and the alternative method of pushing it onto sidewalks would actually be more of a burden than the existing method. Crews removed snow for an additional 12 hours after the snowfall, but that is not in response to business owner complaints but rather a planned strategic move.

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