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Kreuger Pool To Reopen & COVID 19 Update

Krueger Pool in Beloit is set to reopen July 9th with restrictions to help prevent the spread of COVID 19. Families can sign up for one session per day, the sessions are scheduled for 11:30am to 1pm 1:30to 3pm, 3:30-5pm and 6:30-8pm and there is a $2 dollar entrance fee per person. Other restrictions include closing locker rooms, regular sanitizing of restrooms, no rentals, coolers, noodles or kickboards and visitors must come wearing their swimsuits because there are no locker rooms. To make reservations call 608-364-2877, they must be made before 10am the day of the session and reservations will begin on July 7th.

According to the DHS out of the 12,608 people tested in the past 24 hours 4.3% or 520 tests came back positive which is a slight drop from Tuesday. 2 more people died from complications from the virus bringing the total to 789 and 79% or 23,089 of positive cases have made full recoveries. Jefferson County reported 242 total cases with 4 deaths, Rock County reported 873 total cases with 24 deaths and Walworth county reported 612 total cases with 18 deaths. The DHS also said that over 30 counties continue to have a high activity level of COVID 19, for more information of COVID 19 visit dhs.wisconsin.gov.

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