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Johnson Creek Southeast Neighborhood Reconstruction Project Updates

According to a press release from the Village of Johnson Creek in regards to the Southeast Neighborhood Reconstruction Project, sanitary and water main installation has been completed to the bend of S. Watertown St. and the west half of Swap St. Sanitary main installation has also been completed on Cora St. Additionally, the Johnson Creek Fire Department and homes on Shepard St. are now connected to the new water and sanitary services. Cleanup operations from the project have began today to ensure that residents have access to their driveways this weekend; and water and sanitary services installation on S. Watertown St., Swap St., and Cora St. will begin next week, and so will storm sewer installations from the intersection of Swap and Cora St. and S. Watertown St. More updates about the project can be found on the Village of Johnson Creek Facebook page.