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Jefferson County Board Meets, Wiesmann Named Parks And Rec Director

On Tuesday, July 14, the Jefferson County Board convened at the Jefferson County Courthouse. The meeting acknowledged the retirement of a few employees, some public comments, and a few reports from Judge William F. Hue, Child Support Director Stacee Jensen, and medical examiner Nichol Tesch.

Following the reports, the Board went through its committees, approving multiple ordinances and resolutions. The Building and Grounds Committee proposed resolutions to accept bids for roofing repairs, a water main project at south campus, and to enter into a contract with Potter Lawson for work on the Jefferson County Courthouse, Sheriff’s Office, and Jail. The total construction time on the courthouse project is estimated to be about two years.

The Finance Committee also had its resolution approved to accept a bid for the construction of emergency telecommunication tower sites.

The Land and Water Conservation Committee had a resolution passed to authorize the application and implementation of a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Early Detection Response Grant. The grant amount would be $5700, and help the committee battle invasive aquatic species.

The night was capped off by the appointment of new Parks Director, Kevin Wiesmann, by County Administrator Ben Wehmeier. Wehmeier commended Wiesmann’s efforts in the department thus far and expressed his excitement to see where he takes the department.

The next County Board Meeting will be held Tuesday, August 10, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.