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Jefferson Board Of Education Meeting Discusses Budget

After opening its meeting on Monday night, the Jefferson County Board of Education held a public budget hearing. This hearing broke down the school’s revenue and spending for the public. One of the first things explained about the budget is that it is tied to student enrollment, which is down by about 250 students in the last five years. It was then explained that about 80% of the school’s revenue was comprised of both state aid, and funding from the community’s property taxes. At the same time, expenses were explained, with about 19.5 million dollars of the 26 million dollar budget going towards staffing costs. The numbers were also explained for other funds, such as those which handle food service costs and post-employment benefits. There was not much public engagement during this hearing, save for a question regarding costs related to virtual learning. The hearing then came to a close, and the Board of Education meeting resumed.

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