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Janesville Man Accused of Beating 15 Month Old to Death

A Janesville man who is accused of beating a 15 month old to death will be charged with first degree reckless homicide according to police. Steven Horan had been drinking throughout the day and was caring for the girl while the girl’s mother was out. Police were called to a residence on Eisenhower street and because of incorrect information sent to their computers they thought it was a 51 year old who had no pulse and was not breathing. When they arrived they found the mother performing CPR on the child, police took over and the child was transported to a hospital in Rockford, put on life support and was pronounced dead late monday evening. Investigators have no information that an instrument of any kind was used in the assault, Horan remains in Rock County Jail on a 10 thousand dollar cash bond and he’s forbidden to have contact with his children or the victims mother. It’s the fourth homicide since the start of the year in a city where the 10 year average has been one per year. Prosecutors have not yet charged Horan, he’s due back in court Monday.