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Janesville Fire Department Obtains New 2021 Seagrave Fire Engine

According to the City of Janesville, the fire department recently expanded its fleet with the addition of a new 2021 Seagrave fire engine. This apparatus was manufactured in Clinton, and features a 750 gallon water tank and will be stationed at Janesville Fire Station #3 on Crosby Ave. The fire department received the vehicle in September and has been working to outfit it with the equipment needed for services. The vehicle will now serve as the primary engine responding from Fire Station #3 and will replace the 2012 Pierce Engine, which is now moving into reserve status. The 2012 vehicle will be utilized when frontline vehicles are out of service for repair or down on preventative maintenance, and also as a backup vehicle for when multiple emergencies occur at once. If you have any questions on the new addition, contact the Janesville Fire Department at (608) 755-3050.

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