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Janesville Couple In Court For Making Meth

A janesville man who made meth while his case was pending for making meth was sentenced in Rock County Court Tuesday. James Bjork and Stacey Utterberg were accused of making meth in a building south of Janesville that was raided by Rock County Sheriff’s deputies, the pair was then charged in September with making meth by using an SUV as a mobile meth lab. Bjork and Utterberg in both cases were believed to be using the one pot method to make the drug. Bjork was sentenced to a year in jail with 5 years probation but will be assigned to the Rock County education and criminal addictions program, if he completes that five month program he can petition for early release, if he doesn’t complete it he spends the full year in jail. The meth charges carries a max penalty 12 and a half year sentence for each charge. Utterberg plead guilty to party to manufacturing methamphetamine, her sentencing hearing is set for Tuesday.

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