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Gov Tony Evers Vetoed Income Tax Bill

Gov Tony Evers has vetoed a 250 million dollar income tax bill wednesday at an elementary school in Wauwatosa. Evers proposed spending $250 million on k-12 schools with $130 million to reduce property taxes but republicans said increasing funding for schools will be part of the debate over the next state budget in 2021. Wisconsin is expected to have a $620 million budget surplus by mid 2021 and republicans pushed for a tax cut saying the higher than expected tax collections should be returned to tax payers. The entire plan Evers vetoed would have cost $392 million with around $250 million in income tax cuts that would have sent an average of $106 dollars back to taxpayers. It would also reduce business taxes by nearly $45 million and trimmed state debt by $100 million. This is the 12th veto for Evers since being sworn into office.

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