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Gov Evers Signed 60 Bills Into Law, Vetoing Two

Gov Evers signed around 60 bills into law and vetoed two on Tuesday. He signed Act 116 which adds local and national suicide hotline numbers to student id cards, it will also create a school based mental health consultation pilot program. He also signed the HOPE package which includes four bills to address opioid abuse and expand recovery services throughout the state. Including Act 119 which allows county jails to provide medical treatment for addiction and act 121 which extends the prescription drug monitoring program for five years. Gov Evers also signed a law that would establish more procedures for when schools restrain a student and place them in seclusion. Finally he signed the law that makes beastiality a felony and requires those convicted to register as a sex offender. The Gov also vetoed two bills one of which would’ve allowed paddle wheel raffles in the state, he said the bill could threaten exclusive gambling rights provided to Tribal Nations in the state.

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