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Genoa City Man Faces More Allegations For Innppropriately Touching His Babysitter

A Genoa City Man faces more allegations that he inappropriately touched a different babysitter after another sexual assault case with another babysitter had been dismissed without prejudice according to a criminal complaint. Jesse Kasten was charged with first degree child sexual assault after a girl told authorities that Kasten’s started to massage her shoulders, he then took off her shirt and told her to lie on the bed. The girl said he then touched her inappropriately, he eventually stopped according to the complaint and she put her clothes back on. Kasten admitted to massaging the girls shoulders while on a bed and at first denied removing any of her clothing but he later admitted that the girl had her shirt over her head. The District Attorney declined to say if his office would resurrect charges from older cases, Kasten’s plead guilty in 2007 to three counts of fourth degree sexual assault and was sentenced to 45 days in jail with 2 years of probation. He is next due in court Feb 14th.

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