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Fort Woman Accused Of Animal Mistreatment Has Trial Date Set

A Fort Atkinson woman accused of animal mistreatment has had her trial date set. The Daily Union reports that Tammy Flemming had her trial date set as June 14. Flemming is accused of mistreating a dog until it died in September at a dog training facility. The vet lab report on the husky-pomeranian mix named Cooper showed that the dog died of strangulation, according to the dog’s owner and her lawyer. Flemming told police that the dog was on a choker chain, which is used to ‘relieve pressure’ and teach the dog compliance. Cooper had been with Flemming in training for around a month before the incident. According to the complaint, Cooper battled Flemming’s commands, and Flemming continued to hold the chain to teach the dog compliance, but the dog kept fighting back. The complaint also states that Flemming said when the dog became limp, she began to give the dog CPR to save its life, but her efforts were unsuccessful. Flemming said she did not recognize that the dog was in trouble. If Flemming is convicted, she could face up to three years and six months in jail and a large fine.

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