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Fort Council Passes Divisive Alcohol Ordinance

On Tuesday night, the City of Fort Atkinson City Council reviewed a previously tabled ordinance to create section 58-76 (d) of the Fort Atkinson Municipal Code. This ordinance addresses the issue of open intoxicants in public places, prohibiting alcohol consumption on city streets and sidewalks.

This ordinance has been a divisive topic for the council. Those in favor see it as a way to bring the city up to speed with neighboring communities, as Fort Atkinson is one of four communities in the entire state without such an ordinance. Council members disagreeing with the ordinance see it as too vague, worrying that it will take away too much freedom from well behaved citizens enjoying themselves.

Once again, Police Chief Adrian Bump has asserted that citations issued for violations of this ordinance will be at the discretion of the officers on duty, and that the police are not out to get the general public. He presented examples of public urination, and multiple intoxicated individuals crashing a birthday party in a rented-out park taking place over the weekend. Bump believes that this ordinance being in effect could deter such behavior from occurring in the first place.

The ordinance passed in a 3 to 2 vote by the Council.

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