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Fort Atkinson Police Warning of Jewelry Scam

In an update from the Fort Atkinson Police Department, they are warning the public about a scam involving fake gold jewelry. Recently, they received information where a scammer approached a citizen at their home in Fort Atkinson and attempted to sell the homeowner jewelry. Luckily the homeowner did not purchase anything and reported the incident to police, but the scammers have not left the area. The fake pieces of jewelry are valued at about 50¢ and are being passed off as high-end gold necklaces valued at thousands of dollars.

Other variations of this scam can occur when an individual is in a parking lot, and a scammer approaches the individual saying they cannot afford gas or groceries, but will sell them the fake jewelry, which is presented as being high in value, so the victim will give them anywhere between $50-$200 in exchange for the jewelry.

The Fort Atkinson Police Department asks citizens that if they see anything similar to these incidents happening in a parking lot, or if you’re approached, leave the area and call police immediately.

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