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Fort Atkinson Investigating Vehicle Thefts

Police in Fort Atkinson are investigating a series of vehicle thefts that occurred over the weekend. According to the Daily Union, at least four thefts were reported and are under investigation. Police say that the thefts range from personal items taken from cars, to a vehicle taken from a garage. The first incident was reported around 6:25 PM Sunday on Radloff Street, about an hour later a second report came in from Stacy Lane, where the resident reported their car stolen. A third incident was reported at 9:03 PM on Jamesway Road where personal items were stolen, and the fourth incident was reported at 9:06 PM on Nadig Drive. Again in that incident, personal property was stolen. Police say all four incidents appear to show the same technique of theft, but police couldn’t elaborate further as it remains an open investigation. The stolen vehicle was recovered in Dane County, and police believe it could be a group of individuals from either Madison or Milwaukee, however they don’t have a number as to how many people could be operating. Police say if you expect something or someone suspicious is in the neighborhood, to call 911.