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Fort Atkinson City Council Approves Replacement and Update of HVAC Controls

At the recent Fort Atkinson City Council meeting, they approved the replacement and update of HVAC controls for the Wastewater Utility main control building. The current controls were installed in 1992 and are no longer supported, or repairable. There are five local control panels for each of the five air handler units (AHU’s) in the main control building. Each AHU runs independently, with no unified control and no ability to use a schedule for temperature setbacks for energy efficiency. The upgrade would replace the current control panel for each AHU, and also add a unifying main HVAC control panel that would provide supervisory control of the system. The supervisory control panel would allow access to temperature settings and allow scheduling of temperature settings and setbacks. The cost of this project would be $43,952. To watch the full Fort Atkinson City Council meeting, visit

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