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Fontana Officials Ordered Special Audit For Municipal Court System.

Fontana officials have ordered a special audit of their municipal court system after learning that recently deceased judge David Jensen stole around 40 thousand dollars for his private neighborhood association. The village ordered an audit of the court’s financial records by an outside firm after learning of the embezzlement. Jensen served as judge for 12 years before passing away due to a heart attack in early February and shortly after his death colleagues from the Indian Hills homeowners association presented police with evidence that Jensen had been stealing money from the association as the groups treasurer. Police found that Jensen had embezzled 42,950 dollars over the past 3 years, his wife denied knowledge of the incident but told police that her husband was desperate after running up 60 thousand in debt. The Police chief conducted the investigation and later determined that Jensen had acted alone and that due to his death there was no way to prosecute and no need to investigate further, it was also determined that he was not suspected of any wrongdoing in his official elected position. Town of Linn judge Peter King has volunteered to oversee Fontana cases since Jensen’s Death.

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