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Edgerton Salvage Yard Fire Damages Several Cars

Firefighters in Edgerton battled a large fire at a salvage yard in the Town of Fulton on Saturday. According to a press release from the Edgerton Fire Protection District, firefighters responded just after 4 PM to 6307 State Highway 59 where they noticed several cars on fire in a salvage yard. There were limited water sources on scene, so additional fire departments were called to the scene. Employees of the auto shop reportedly assisted fire crews in putting out the fire by moving unharmed vehicles out of the way with special equipment. A total of 6000 gallons of water were used on the fire. No injuries were reported. 6 fire departments responded with more called and later canceled on the way to the scene. Additionally, two fire departments covered Edgerton for at least two hours during the incident.

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