• wsld77

East Troy Police Issue Multiple Guidances

The Town of East Troy Police is reminding individuals of multiple different safety recommendations when it comes to colder weather. The department reminds citizens that there is no safe way to know ice’s thickness until it breaks. It is recommended that you do not walk on to frozen rivers and lakes, as the ice is so thin, even geese are avoiding them. The department also shared a Facebook post from a group called Operation Dry Water, which is reminding individuals to dress in several layers when hunting or fishing this winter. Cold water and improper clothing can lead to illness or worse.

Also in East Troy, a report about a money app scam going around has been shared by the police department. According to the post, the popular app Cash App is under fire for recent reports or fraudulent behavior, such as individuals pretending to be the app’s support network. Individuals are reminded to only send money to people they know and trust, and to set up security features on those apps for your accounts.