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Drowning in Lake Geneva Being Investigated

A man drowned in Lake Geneva Sunday according to a news release. Lake Geneva Police and the Geneva Lake Law enforcement agency were called to the lake on a welfare check on a boat moored to a buoy near the municipal beach about 75 to 100 yards from shore. Officers made contact with one of the adults on the boat and learned that he and another person swam from the boat to the shore around 4:30pm. When the man reached shore he looked around for the victim and couldn’t find him in the water or on the beach. He then went to nearby bars to look for the victim and couldn’t find them so he went back to search on the beach and swam back to the boat looking for the victim, he called police around 6:40. City of Geneva police deployed their drone and located the victim around 50 yards from the shore approximately 10 feet under the water, dive team members were able to recover the body around 8:30pm. The name of the victim is being withheld until the family can be notified, they do know it was a 35 year old from Wheeling Il. The investigation is ongoing.

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