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Delavan-Darien Schools Mandates Masks Indoors, Including Athletic Events

At last night’s Delavan-Darien School Board meeting, Superintendent Jill Sorbie announced she had made the executive decision to mandate masks for all staff and at all indoor athletic events until further notice. Sorbie cited community spread of the delta variant as the reason behind this decision.

Sorbie also said that education is important and the safety of the school community is paramount, and the decision behind mandating masks at indoor sporting events has something to do with that.

“I don’t want to restrict… education is mandatory but watching sports is optional”. Sorbie also said that Delavan-Darien is not the only district making these decisions. “Keeping the community safe is the primary objective… Watching events is nice but not necessary… I know I am not going to be liked on this decision by everyone”.Sorbie knows that social distancing the students at indoor events will be next to impossible but made it clear, if you do not have a mask you will be offered one, and if you deny you will be asked to leave. This also goes along with other districts.

Sorbie also said the district’s COVID testing site has been getting used. There are currently a handful of staff members out with the virus, and Sorbie also said that some of the students HAVE gotten the virus from school. The 10-day quarantine remains in effect even if a close family contact outside of school has the virus. If fully vaccinated, this policy appears to be slightly altered. That applies to households, even if parents get it and kids don’t. Sorbie said Delavan-Darien parents were supposed to have received a phone message last night.

In terms of mask wearing for athletics, Sorbie said that the masks for athletes would remain optional and on games where the team has to travel it remains up to that district. Sorbie cited Jefferson as an example.

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