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DDHS Academic Center Sparks Success

On Monday night, Kerry Alter presented a review of the Delavan-Darien High School Academic Center to the Delavan-Darien School Board. Alter describes the Academic Center as a safe and welcoming community where students can receive extra help with their schoolwork, while learning other skills for continued academic success such as self-advocacy and time management. The center also assists students facing other changes, like those of incoming freshman or students transitioning back to in-person classes from a virtual setting.

Student testimonials were presented to the Board, including one from a student who had nearly given up on graduation two weeks before the end of the school year. After receiving help from the Academic Center, that same student was able to walk the stage and graduate with his class. Alter noted another student who transformed her GPA from .941 to 3.57 between semesters, while receiving help from the Academic Center.

The success of the Academic Center is further evident when looking at the grades earned by students. During the first semester, there were only 17 classes failed out of nearly 600 total grades. In the following semester, the number of failures dropped to 14.

Moving forward, Atler would like to expand the Academic Center to reach more students and to continue the school’s 100% graduation rate.

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