Craig Center to be Used as COVID 19 Isolation Shelter

The Craig Center, a 4-H Rock County fairgrounds building could soon shelter people who need to isolate themselves because of COVID 19. A separate location could be used to house first responders who need to isolate but the location had not been chosen and the Craig Center will be for residents who live with others who don’t want to spread the disease to them, if you’re infected and live with someone who is at high risk for infection. The Craig Center meets all the requirements to be considered safe because it’s fairly open, there’s facilities such as electric, heat and cooling and the county has placed orders for beds, hygiene kits, linens and more but the hiring of staff and contractors have not been finalized. The center could be prepared for patients as early as this week if needed for an emergency but the plan will go to the Rock County board on Thursday and be ready shortly after.

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