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Clinton Community School District Provides Updates to Facilities Update Project

The Clinton Community School District has provided an update on their facilities update project.

Last week, they made the following progress on the facilities update project:

• The new Junior-Senior High School main gym floor was stained and striped

• Many of the renovated classrooms received new furniture

• Older style projectors were replaced and new TVs or smart boards were installed

• The greenhouse got a face lift. They replaced all of the glass and curtains as well as updated controls.

• The new ag classroom is now completely renovated and starting to receive new furniture as well.

• New banners were installed along the entrance of the Junior-Senior High. These banners have new breakaway spring mounts allowing them flexibility during high winds.

• The new auxiliary gym at the Junior-Senior High team rooms and restrooms have flooring poured and are now plumbed.

• New mechanical mezzanine in the auxiliary gym at the Junior-Senior High floor has been poured and is currently being finished.

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