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Clinton Community School District Makes Progress Towards Facilities Update Project

According to an update from the Clinton Community School District, they are continuing to make progress towards the facilities update project:

• New roof is being installed on the back metal building that covers the rear gym and 5th & 6th grade classrooms, music, art, maintenance & IT departments.

• New furniture arrived this week and is starting to be installed.

• Lockers are being painted in the main hallway at our 4K-6 building.

• Footings are being poured for the new canopy at our 4K-6 building.

• Curbs and gutters are being poured on School Drive.

• Sidewalk repairs and new sidewalks are being poured and repaired.

• New CJSHS lockers are now painted.

• New CJSHS Commons furniture has arrived and will be installed after Summer School is completed.

• Tack boards and white boards are starting to be installed throughout the 4K-6 building.

• The woodshop and ag shop had the floors refinished this week as well.

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