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City of Watertown Receives Community Development Investment Grant

According to an update from the Watertown Redevelopment Authority, the City of Watertown is receiving a $247,500 Community Development Investment Grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation for the Town Square construction. Missy Hughes, the secretary and CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, says “This project will spark new growth in Watertown’s downtown by providing valuable open space and a flexible event venue that will attract investment for years to come.” The project is located in the heart of downtown Watertown along the Rock River. The Redevelopment Authority has ensured that the project will include a riverwalk that will connect to the existing trail to the south and complete the loop on both sides of the river, crossing the Milwaukee Street bridge. WEDC’s Community Development Investment Grant Program is geared toward facilitating downtown redevelopment and helps communities achieve projects they would be unable to undertake otherwise.

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