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City of Milton Announces Recipients of Community Service Awards

The City of Milton has announced three recipients for this year’s Community Service Awards. Recipients include Michael Sessler, Sarah Stuckey, and Dave Schumacher. Awards will be presented on Thursday, May 26 at 5:30 pm at North Goodrich Park.

Sessler received an award for his years serving as a Chief Election Official and for his work serving on committees, like the Community Development Authority.

Stuckey is the principal at Harmony and Consolidated Elementary Schools, and played a key role in fundraising efforts for the Milton Public Library. She has developed and helped implement fundraising initiatives for Story Gardens; an outdoor extension of the library.

Schumacher spent many years on the Common Council and also served on committees like the Police Commission and the former Milton Industrial & Economic Development Commission (MIEDC). He played a large role in the development of the Crossroads Business Park while serving on MIEDC and the Council.

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