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City of Jefferson Gives Update on Downtown Project

According to an update from the City of Jefferson, the downtown project is progressing and on schedule, with trees being removed, new curbing in areas, and newly laid brick in terraces and crosswalks. While tree grates, new trees, hanging planter baskets, and some other special amenities will still need to be installed in August and later this fall, the project is on schedule to be completed by Labor Day. Contractors will now be moving to the east side of Main Street next week. At 7 a.m. on Monday July 18, traffic barriers will be relocated to route traffic to the west side of Main Street to accommodate demolition and construction work on the east side of Main Street, eastern side streets and north side of E. Racine Street. Traffic barriers will remain in place until Monday morning. However, the Dodge Street intersection has been reopened for traffic. If you have questions, call the City Engineer at 920-674-7700.

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